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Welcome to Wilcox Farms











Welcome to Wilcox Family Farms!

EGG SAFETY NOTICE: August 18, 2010
Wilcox Farms has a very comprehensive food safety quality assurance program.
Wilcox eggs are not involved with any recall that you might have heard about.

Dedicated to producing incredibly fresh egg products, Wilcox Farms is a fourth generation, family-run business.

In addition to shell eggs products, Wilcox Farms added an egg further processing plant in 1992. This facility provides over 150,000 pounds of liquid eggs per week to bakeries and food service operations.

With deliveries made 24 hours a day, direct from the farm processing sites, products arrive with the highest degree of freshness and quality available. The staff at Wilcox Family Farm is proud to meet the needs of its valued customers by supplying the Northwest with top quality egg products. The Wilcox Family Farm has maintained its highly successful farming business for 100 years and looks forward to many, many more.

Roy, Washington

Harts Lake Valley is home to over one million Leghorn hens and pullets. In order to meet the demand for brown eggs, Wilcox Farms also houses flocks of Hybrid Rhode Island Red layer hens. A modern processing and packaging plant insures a prompt, comprehensive supply to a five-state and international marketing area. Approximately 770,000 eggs are gathered daily and packaged for supermarkets and restaurants in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska and Canada.

The Wilcox Farms Feed Mill, located in Roy, provides all the feed supplies for the farm and sells feed to other customers as well.

Aurora, Oregon

Edelweiss Farms became part of the Wilcox family in 2003. This egg production facility produces eggs for the Southwest Washington / Oregon region.