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Egg Farming ia a Tough Job - Featuring Mike Rowe Egg Farming
is a Tough Job - Featuring Mike Rowe

Our Environmental Awards

2008 - Stewarship Partners Award

2008 - Cascade Land Conservancy - Innovative Conservation Project Award

2008 - Nisqually Land Trust - Partner of the Year

2006 - Olympia Rotary Club - Environmental Protection Award

2001 - Tacoma Rotary -
Preserve Planet Earth Award

2000 - Dept of Ecology - Environmental Excellence Award

Olympia Rotary Club

Department of Egology State of Washington

Stewardship Partners

Cascade Land Conservancy

Nisqually Land Trust

Rotary Club of Tacoma


Care and Treatment

EGG SAFETY NOTICE: August 18, 2010
Wilcox Farms has a very comprehensive food safety quality assurance program.
Wilcox eggs are not involved with any recall that you might have heard about.

Up close. New wilcox triticale field just sprouting. Another sustainable example of wilcox farms growing their own chicken ration.

Wilcox Farms growing their own chicken ration

Wilcox Farms does have birds in cages. These are reversed cages that allows chickens to see down the aisles and allows all to eat at the same time. Our company is committed to converting our current houses to cagefree or organic production; Since 2005 we have invested 3.5 million dollars in cage free and organic house conversions and have planned another 2 million for retrofits to be started in 2010 and 2011. Wilcox Farms has pledged to no longer make investments in cage production and is committed to the standards of both Humane Farm Animal Care and Food Alliance.

Caged facility; Cage free facility Caged Facility Cage Free Facility

Wilcox Family Farms has a commitment to sustainable farming to preserve the beauty and quality of the land today and into the future. We have partnerships with the Nisqually Tribe, Salmon Safe and the Nisqually River Counsel, and we have made great strides in our Organic and Free-range eggs.